About us

We are passionate about high precision, speedy and economical wide format digital imaging.


Hello, I’m John Harwell, the Managing Director of DuralChrome. Let me take this opportunity to tell you a little about our company and what we can offer you.

DuralChrome AG is a Swiss based company that was formed in mid 2015 in order to respond to international clients and modern demands and requirements left open by the former spinoff company, Wadjet AG.


Backed by a strong technical framework and history steeped in the finest Swiss traditions of excellence and professionalism, DuralChrome opens the way for broader international marketing of the wide and ultra-wide format, direct digital printing equipment for anodised aluminium and screen-printing.

Our five individualised approaches to serving you best, reflect our commitment to providing you with the best digital, large format printing solution.

We hope you join the more than 100 customers worldwide who use our two Swiss-engineered product lines, DuralPrint and DuralScreen as well as inks in the production of the most durable, high quality images on a wide variety of materials.


We welcome your feedback and inquiries about our products and after sales service.