Duralscreen Direct-2-Mesh

allows for faster, more efficient and economical production of screen stencils.

Swiss-designed and assembled

Our printer uses special light-impervious, water-based ink that is applied to the pre-coated fabric using a piezo printing unit. 

Speed, Resolution & Quality

With up to 4 print heads with various output settings being used to optimize speed and resolution, the system allows for:

  • No need for reprofilms, film edition or retouching
  • Quicker processing times
  • Small print runs more profitable.
  • Production of stencils directly from Adobe, QuarkXPress, & Corel Draw files without any film.
  • Printing 360 DPI up to a 2880 x 2540 DPI (depending on the complexity of the artwork)
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional printing.
  • Standard Dot – Micro Dot – Super Micro Dot.
  • Better quality (reduced pin holes in the image).
  • Controlled ink pressure for consistent flow, regardless of ink levels, to all print heads by a stable vacuum pressure.
  • Better ink usage and thus economy (easily refilled containers eliminate costly ink cartridges and lengthy ink tubes)
  • Short set-up times in the printing machine.
  • Cost-effective for single-unit and small-batch production.
  • Frame fixture for stencil printer.
  • Flexible print head and ink feeding system (can be used with a broad range of inks, solvent, eco-solvent, dye sublimation and aqueous. Other specialty inks can be added/ accommodated upon customer request.


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