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It’s always fun to unwrap things at birthdays, Christmas or whenever you are given a gift. There is an excitement, the sense of wonderment, the surprise and the feeling that what you are about to receive is what you’ve been wanting or what you need.

Well, we’ve been working hard to give not only a gift to you but to ourselves as well. The gift is twofold: a brand-spanking, new, more colourful, use-friendly website which we hope you will enjoy and use; and our new approach to being more customer-centric – that means, it’s more about you and what you need.

The website will be pretty self explanatory to most of you and within the site, you’ll start to see and understand the part about our products and services being more about you. But first, let me take a little time to give you a ‘heads-up’.

We make sensational printers that can do amazing things. But clients who make signs don’t necessarily want a printer that will print on fabric; and a kitchen architect won’t want a printer that can print building exteriors. So, we decided to look at what our two printers can do and classify them not according to how we see them, but how you can use them and how they will benefit you and your customers.

We now have five principal uses and you will see this on our website: Signs & Displays; Bathroom & Showers; Kitchen Splashbacks; Architectural Design; and Screen Stencils. This means you can go directly to what interests you.

So we hope that as we approach what for many is a time of giving and receiving, that you enjoy the excitement of our new gift and it is exactly what you’ve been wanting or need. Please contact us for more information about your specific needs.

All the best,