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First DuralChrome Seal Tank Shipped

The New DuralChrome Seal Tank is the ideal accessory for the DuralChrome printer.

The Tank provides a means to seal the open pore aluminium in a well-regulated environment resulting in clear, crisp images that are locked into the oxide layer of the aluminium protecting it from environmental damage and graffiti.

We are proud to announce that we shipped our first DuralChrome Seal Tank last week, a tank we developed after extensive testing and evaluation of different Seal Tanks from different manufacturers failed to find one that was of high quality and reliability AND had all the safety features that we believed were necessary.

Building our own tanks means that we can custom tailor the size to our offering or to the specific needs of a customer. The new tanks are virtually impossible to topple over with the two, sturdy floor supports that extend from below the tank. These supports also function to hold the tank off the floor so that it can be moved with a standard forklift (this is ONLY recommended when the tank is empty)! In addition, the tank can be firmly attached to the wall with one or both of the threaded attachment points.

Other Key features: 

·      All Stainless Steel Construction

·      80mm Foil-backed Rock Wool Insulation

·      Thermostatically controlled heating elements (98 degrees C for hot sealing or lower for cold sealing)

·      Accepts smut-inhibiting additives like phosphonate and benzene hexacarbolic acid

·      Water can be carefully controlled for a PH level of 7

·      Digital temperature readout located on front of tank for easy viewing

·      All power / electrical connections on same side of tank

Material Handling Features:

·      Rods & clips to hold plates upright in tank

·      Hangers to lift plates into tank

Safety Features:

·      Counter balanced lid

·      Boil-dry protection switch

·      Threaded holes to attach to wall and to lift tank

Our standard tank sizes are listed below while should you need other sizes, please don’t hesitate to email us directly for more information about how we can customise our innovative Seal Tank for you. Should you also need further information on our large format, high-resolution inkjet printers, please also drop us a line using this link info@duralchrome.com or visit our website on www.duralchrome.com