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It seems such a long time ago but the last major innovation in the creation of screen printing stencils was the introduction of ‘Computer-to-Screen’ technology back in the 1990s. Since then, all different methods have shared the same fundamental process whereby a screen is pre-coated, printed (with a blocking coat) and exposed, then washed. Often times this process has a significant manual component and always requires the messy rinsing/ washing off of the unexposed emulsion.

All of that is now about to change with DuralChrome’s Direct-to-Mesh technology where the emulsion is directly applied onto the screen mesh only in those places where it is needed. With this new process a raw/ bare/ virgin screen is put into the ‘printer’ and a completely finished screen is removed ready to put directly onto a screen printing carousel and immediately start printing. This breakthrough technology will require no other pre-coating or preparation steps and no post-printing steps (including no washing or exposing).

Initial patent filings have been made for all significant jurisdictions and geographies.

DuralChrome AG is currently engaged in the final development of this technology and expects to deliver initial units in the second half of 2017.

To find out more about this one-step screen stencil creation technology, please contact DuralChrome on  +1 (970) 236-9121 or +41 44 552 14 90 or at info@duralchrome.com.