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Over the past few years, the great promise made by the majority of companies involved in wide-format UV inkjet printing was that they would be able to print on all substrates. It was a great hope but, unfortunately, it was mostly unfounded. It was like saying you can use an axe to cut bread. In both cases, you can technically use the tool in a universal manner but the reality is that they both weren’t designed and meant to work that way.

The truth with wide-format UV inkjet printing is that the only way to get truly stunning results on every media is to use the right ink type to match the right media type. That has been easy enough to say but to make it happen was very difficult until now!

Introducing the world’s first true, multi-media printer that supports the changing of ink types in around 30 minutes: the DuralChrome DuralPrint ultra-wide format printer.

So stop hoping to cut bread with a blunt axe and contact us today to find out more about how we can deliver on our promise to print on any substrate:


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